Founded in 1913, by Julius Charlestein, Premier continues into its fourth generation as a family owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of quality health care products through a worldwide network of dealers.

We are pleased to acknowledge all those who work on behalf of Premier around the world to bring you the finest products, backed by the highest level of integrity and service. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Premier 2Pro Disposable Prophy Angles

2pro cleans and polishes all surfaces with its unique cup and tip design. No added expense for tips or brushes!
From $90.99

Premier ACCOR® (9048081)

Multi-sized Matrices for Core Build-up

Premier Adson Dressing Pliers (9085295)

Dressing Forceps Plain

Premier Alfa™ Triple Tray®

For Full-arch Closed-mouth Alginate Impressions
From $39.49

Premier Amalgam Carrier

Stainless Steel
From $37.49

Premier Amalgam Gun

From $32.79
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