EDS Access Post Introduction Kit (500-12)

12 Passive Retreatable Posts (4 Posts of 3 Sizes) 3 Primary Reamers, 3 Secondary Drills, 5 Gates Glidden Drills
Manufacturer: Essential Dental

EDS' AccessPost™ EDS' AccessPost provides more advantages than any other passive post. The patented, thick-walled, hollow tube design and the undercuts of the head and shank offer . . . Strength, Retention, and Stability . . . with the added insurance policy of Retreatability . All at a competitive cost to the dentist. > The undercuts of the head and shank provide excellent core material retention. > Resists rotation of core material and locks-in post cement to provide high retention of shank. Countersinking the post into the tooth prevents high apical stress under function common to other passive posts. The first and only retreatable passive parallel stainless steel post. AccessPost is a stainless steel parallel sided passive post that provides easy post removal an access to the apex. The Access post is based on a unique hollow tube design.

Intro Kit
Yellow, Red, Blue/Sizes 0,1,2