Ortho-Strips One-Sided Set

Swiss Made.
Manufacturer: Intensiv

Oscillating diamond strips for the monolateral interdental reduction of the tooth size and the proximal polishing in orthodontics (stripping) University of Zurich, Switzerland When reducing, finishing and polishing enamel in orthodontics (stripping), care must be taken to avoid grooves and scratches. It is also important to proceed systematically, following a coarse-to-fine sequence in selecting grits. Unlike manual strips, the Ortho-Strips One-sided provide rapid, controlled enamel reduction followed by polishing without unnecessary removal of healthy tooth substance and leaving the adjacent teeth intact. Product description * Flexible strips, one-sided diamond coating. * 3 different grits: 40, 25 and 15μm files for reduction, contouring, finishing and polishing. * Left (“L“) and right (“R“) versions for mesial and distal in the upper and lower jaw. To be used in combination with KaVo head 61 LRG or KaVo contra-angle Intracompact 2061 CHC.

Ortho-Strips One-Sided Set Set #064