Microbrush micro-Stix™ Adhesive Tip applicators

64/pack Standard package contains 64 micro-Stix: 4 clear plastic cases with 16 applicators each. Package design enhances product life, appearance and usability.
Manufacturer: Microbrush


The only adhesive-tip applicator on the market that comes in two adhesive strengths: Smart Hold and Original Hold; providing clinicians with more options for use depending on the type or size of restorations.

  • Smart Hold

    Features a new advanced technology with pressure sensitive adhesive that lets practitioners determine the holding strength by the force exerted on the applicator’s tip. Use less pressure to facilitate the placement of delicate items with easier release or more pressure to securely hold larger items.

  • Original Hold

    Features the strongest adhesive for extra holding strength. micro-Stix bend easily for accurate placement of restorations in hard to reach areas.

Non-hardening adhesive tips hold restorations until placed onto preparation

No adhesive residue remains on adhered surfaces after the applicator is removed

Non-hardening adhesive tip can be used multiple times during a single patient treatment

Disposable to avoid clean-ups and reduce the risk of cross-contamination



  1. Pick up small item gently with adhesive tip.
  2. Place small item on prepared surface.
  3. Twist to release small item from adhesive.

Ideal for

  • Veneers
  • Inlay/Onlay Cementation
  • Crowns
  • Bands
  • Brackets
  • Clasps
Smart Hold (STIX64G)
◦Advanced adhesive technology ◦Colors: Green
Original Hold (STIX64B)
Colors: Blue