Microbrush Microtip™ Applicator Tips

The "tip" products simplify work on a two-step procedure. A 6"(15 cm) long handle holds a Microtip™ on each end, thereby eliminating the search for a second Microtip™ to complete the procedure. Packaged in two colors to enable the user to identify each procedure.
Manufacturer: Microbrush


Bendable applicator fits into a double-ended handle.

Non-absorbent, non-linting fibers suspend solution as small as 1/8 of a drop

The bendable neck facilitates the placement of material in difficult areas without dripping or spilling.



  • Sealants
  • Bonding Agents
  • Etchants
  • Hemostatic Solutions
  • Cavity Liners
  • Disclosing Solutions
Regular Size, green & Purple (MTR500)
Package contains 500 applicator tips and 4 autoclavable handles.
Fine Size Pink & yellow (MTF500)
Fine Size Pink, Yellow