Applicators bend easily for accurate placement of solution in hard to reach areas. Non-linting, non-absorbent fiber tips hold solution in suspension until applied. The applicator comes in a convenient plastic tube for easy dispensing.
Manufacturer: Microbrush


Patented design with bendable neck facilitates the placement of material in difficult areas

Non-absorbent, non-linting fibers suspend solutions as small as 1/8 of a drop without dripping or spilling

Multiple colors are available to identify multi-step procedures

3 Precise Head Sizes

  • Regular Size (2.0mm)
  • Fine Size (1.5mm)
  • Superfine Size (1.0mm)

Hygienic Dispensing System

Shake out one applicator at a time with the flip top cap open


  • Sealants
  • Bonding Agents
  • Etchants
  • Hemostatic Solutions
  • Cavity Liners
  • Disclosing Solutions
Regular Size Blue (WMRB100 )
A tub of 100. Regular Size Blue
Regular Size Green (WMRG100 )
A tub of 100 Green
Regular Size Peach (WMRPE100)
A tub of 100 Regular Size Peach
Regular Size Purple (WMRPU100 )
A tub of 100 Regular Purple
Fine Size Pink (WMFP100)
A tub of 100 Fine Pink
Fine Size Yellow (WMFY100)
A tub of 100 Fine Size yellow